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Tayla hutcheson(non-registered)
Maternity photos
Robyn Ott
Besides being a gifted photographer (obvious), Jen is a super fun person to work with. She traveled all the way down to Northern California to photograph my outdoor coastal wedding on fairly short notice. We had beautiful but cold and blustery weather, and Jen had the place scoped out and was ready to rock without batting an eyelash. I am so very thankful for her and the love she brought to the photos of our special (if chilly) day. I only wish I lived closer!
Corey Jacoby, Jr.(non-registered)
A very gifted woman, there is no comparison. You are a natural, and have the amazing ability to capture real people. A joy and pleasure to work with you. I highly recommend Jen for any type of photography need. I will forever be in your debt for the memories you have given me. Love you so much, for everything you have given me and my family.
KC Fagan(non-registered)
Worked with two horses, four dogs, two cats, a perfectionist vet student, and a paraplegic and absolutely nailed stunning and heart touching family photos. The best photographer we have ever used, hands down!
Wedding photos(non-registered)
Thanks Jen for taking our wedding photos and our engagement photos! We are glad you could be a part of our special event.
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